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Our Range of Products

  • SS Wire Annealing Furnace
    • This type of furnace is used for annealing of Stainless Steel wire with the help of cracked ammonia atmosphere.

      • Low fuel consumption.
      • 100 % uniformity in material.
      • It can be designed from 6 mtrs. to 16 mtrs. for thicker wire & 4 mtrs. to 10 mtrs. for medium wire.
      • For fine wire only electrical furnace is recommended from 1.5 mtrs. to 5 mtrs long.
      • This furnace can be assembled completely at our works (upto 10 mtrs.) including refractory and shifted to production site.
      • It can be designed in electrical, L.P.G, C.N.G, L.D.O & P.G (Producer Gas from coal).

  • Pusher Type Reheating Furnace
    • These furnaces are mostly used in Steel Rolling Mills.
      Salient features of the furnace:

      • Low fuel consumption.
      • Burning loss is minimum.
      • Fuel to be used either oil or gas
      • Continuous availability of heated material for processing.
      • This furnace can be assembled completely at our works (upto 10 mtrs.) including refractory and shifted to production site.
      • Design for heating billets &ingots with top firing as well as bottom firing.

  • Bogie Hearth Furnace
    • Salient features of the furnace:

      • It can be used for different applications such as Solution Annealing for Bars, Hardening of Bar, Normal Annealing of bars, Stress Relieving, Forging of ingots, Normalizing, etc.
      • It Can be designed in electrical, Gas, L.D.O ,F.O with new design requperator for waste heat recovery, to minimize fuel consumption.
      • Twin Bogie is designed for normal annealing to minimize the loading and unloading time.

  • Lead Bath & Zinc Bath Furnace
    • These furnace is use mostly used in galvanize plant.

      • LEAD BATH FURNACE :Thisfurnace is design mostly in Gas fire or oil fire. It is use mostly to anneal the wire uniformly. The lead is heated indirectly in M.S or S.S pot with the burner provided at the bottom of the tank. Newly design combustion system & heat exchanger is design to reduces the fuel consumption as well as increases the life of pot.
      • ZINC BATH FURNACE: These kind of furnace is use for galvanizing wire, strip, structure or sheet. This furnace is designed to melt the zinc by direct heating as well as indirect heating.

  • Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace
    • This kind of furnace is available in various types, listed below:

      • WALKING BEAM FURNACE : This furnace is capable to anneal the cylinders up to 1050° C and then quinch into oil for hardening then it moves to tempering furnace
      • ROLLER HEARTH FURNACE (In association with European Experts) : This furnace is suitable for continuous annealing or hardening of bars as well as coils. This furnace is use full for tube annealing also .This kind of furnace is design up to 1050° C.
      • BATCH TYPE FURNACE : This kind of furnace is use for solution annealing, hardening, normalizing, forging, aluminum foil etc with the help of special design charging machine with single man operation for multiple furnace.
      • MESH CONVEYOR FURNACE : These furnaces are used for continuous heating of components. Design in multy zone or single zone.The material is fed on the mesh conveyor. The mesh conveyor furnaces are mostly electrically heated and capable of operating up to 1000° C. This furnace is used for ISO thermal annealing & tempering etc.
      • PUSHER TYPE FURNACE : These kind of furnace is used for heat treatment of auto mobile parts, annealing or hardening of ring in polymer. The material is fed in tray & pushed in side the furnace with the help of skid. This kind of furnace is used for Forging also.

  • Salt Bath Furnace
    • Salient Features for salt bath furnace

      • This kind of furnace is design in Electric, Gas ,Light Oil & Heavy Oil.
      • Indirect heating is design for liquid fuel & direct heating is design in electrical with induction Rod.
      • It is design up to 1200° C .
      • Temperature 0 - 1200oC.
      • Digital Temperature Control / PID Temp Controller / Programmable Controller Used in - Salt Bath Hardening, Tempering, Salt Tempering.
      • Available in All sizes As Per Customer Requirement .

  • Electrically Heated Furnace
    • These furnaces are use for Heat Treatment application such as Annealing, Hardening, Tempering & Aging of Aluminium ,alloy steel & stainless Steel etc. Solution Treatment and Homogenizing of Aluminium Products etc. It is design in ovens for Drying & Baking.

  • Pit Furnace
    • Pit furnaces are those furnaces that are applied for heating various metals or alloys of metals. They are available in various sizes and are either gas fired or fuel fired. They can operate at various temperatures and are designed in such a way that the heat loss is minimum. Safe operation is an important aspect of this furnace because the fan and heating elements are separate from the load chamber. Due to this damage from accidental contact is eliminated. Metal lining is used in the entire work chamber which gives the furnace maximum durability.

  • Rotary Hearth Furnace (In association with European Experts)
    • Rotary Hearth furnace for reheating for forgings of M.S.,S.S.,other trade material.
      The rotary furnace play major role in foundry industry. The burners used in the rotary tube furnace are of different types. There are different burners for different fuel types. The rotary furnaces are an alternative for all small and mid size foundries using cupola furnaces or induction furnaces. Gray, nodular or malleable cast iron can be produced with high analytical accuracy at a low investment cost, while using minimal personnel. Other advantages of the system are a minimal space requirement, ease of operation, and simplicity to maintain.

  • Bell Furnace (In association with European & US Experts)
    • Bell furnace is designed for light heat - treatment of coils of gold - rolled steel tape, also for heat - treatment of middle and thick hot - rolled plates, bars and wire bundles. The bell type furnace uses direct radiant heat to deliver a uniform heat to the workload. Large motors and heaters are heated using these furnaces. They are also used for annealing large glass masses and for other heat treating applications in various industries.

  • Reverberatory Melting Furnace For Recycling Aluminium
    • An economical and efficient bulk melter for aluminum scrap & aluminum slab. The aluminum melts in the furnace with new high efficiency thermal latest practice in insulating refractory which results in a very high thermal efficiency and fast melting. Fully automatic PLC based micro-processor controlled burners with highly effective heat exchanger to increase the efficiency of the furnace. The furnace is automatically & hydraulically tilted by the level sensor in the launder to avoid axis pouring of the molten metal. The door is hydraulically operated.

      • This kind of Furnace is mostly in Heavy Fuel or Gas fired & in Electrical too.
      • It can be designed from 500 Kg to 50 Ton.
      • It can be designed at both side Tilting.

  • Zinc Oxide Furnace with complete process equipments
    • We supply total Zinc oxide plant setup including energy efficient furnaces, variable settling systems, VFD, direct packing system. We also provide consultation for old plant upgradation. We provide turnkey solutions for zinc oxide plant.

  • Pollution Control Systems Design,Manufacturing and Installation
    • We provide complete Fume Treatment Plants with engineering, design, manufacturing and installation. Design considers furnaces, hot metal handling and other dust emitting points by the goal of ZERO DUST EMISSION to environment.
      We offer economically viable solutions at European standards. The dedusting system consists of a set of fume collection points and a set of ducting lines (radiant type), which convey the various emissions to the bag filter with high efficient filter bags.

  • Complete Plant and Machinery for Forging Unit
    • Complete Plant & Machinery for forging of automobile components, Ring Rolling and other Equipment: SWASTIK design, engineering, supply, install , commissioning as well as provide consultancy for the plant.

      Ranges for the said plant are :

      • Heat Treatment process & its equipment
      • Forging process and its equipment
      • Crane for material handling

  • Complete Plant and Machinery for SS wire Drawing Plant
    • Complete Plant & Machinery for S.S. Wire Drawing plant.
      SWASTIK design, supply, install and commissioned.
      The ranges capacity of this plant is from 100 Tons to 1000 Tons / month.
      Range of wire are:

      5 mm - 1.2 mm
      1.2 mm - 0.8 mm
      0.8 mm - 0.2 mm

      In this above range, we can supply for

      Solution Annealing Furnace
      Pickling Unit
      S.S. Wire drawing unit
      Continuous wire annealing Furnace, Online Coating & terminal equipment with speed automatic speed synchronization
      Forklift for material handling + Crane for unloading the coil from machine.

  • Complete Plant and Machinery for Bright Bar Production
    • Complete Plant & Machinery for Bright Bar Annealing Furnace We design, supply, install and commissioned.

      SWASTIK range for this plant is from 300 Tons to 3000 Tons / month

      Annealing Furnace
      Hardening & tempering furnaces including quench process.
      Bar straightening Machine
      Cut to Length Machine
      Crane for material handling.