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We welcome companies and institutions from all over the world to apply to work with us. Our group constantly looks for foreign partners to set up joint actions, in all fields related to internationalization, commercial promotion, technology and know-how transfers, development of cooperation projects with social, industrial and economic extents.

The type of cooperation can vary depending on your profile and core business:

  • Professionals (consulting firms, furnace experts, metallurgist and technical advisors).
  • Organizations and companies taking part in equipment design and building for Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal industry.
  • International furnace technology companies, suppliers of new/used technologies and brokers wanting to establish links with Indian companies.

All companies and professionals interested in exploring partnership opportunities with SWASTIK FURNACES Pvt. Ltd. are invited to contact our office in Thane(India) to define the terms of a potential collaboration.

Our services and business solutions would be strengthened by alliances with leading partners in metal industry.

In our marketing alliance, we would like our partner to deliver joint furnace technology solutions which will help leverage our industry, functional and technical expertise.

In a technological alliance, we would like our partner to build technical competency through training, technical support and development teams and equipment design and building.

Join us to get started on this outstanding business opportunity!


  • SS Wire Annealing Furnace.
  • Pusher Type Reheating Furnace.
  • Bogie hearth Furnace.
  • Lead Bath & Zinc Bath Furnace.
  • Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace.
  • Electrically Heated Furnace.
  • Pit Furnace.
  • Rotary Furnace.
  • Bell Furnace.
  • Reverberatory Melting Furnace For Recycling Aluminium.
  • Solution annealing Furnace.
  • Hardening & tempering Furnace.
  • Roller hearth Furnace.

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